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VG Patient Ready DMEK®

Dr. Naveen Rao’s first Patient Ready DMEK

Dr. Naveen Rao, one of VG’s east coast Medical Directors, shares video from his first case using Patient Ready DMEK tissue at Lahey Medical Center in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Dr. Mike Straiko – DMEK with VG Patient Ready DMEK tissue

This video highlights the use of Patient Ready DMEK™ tissue. The DMEK tissue is prepared at the VisionGift eyebank in Portland Oregon. The tissue is peeled, stained, stamped for orientation, punched to size, and loaded into the injector. The preloaded tissue and injector combination are then placed into a viewing chamber for shipment. The tissue is inspected with a validated process following the preloading process. This ensures that there has been minimal endothelial damage to the graft.

Assembly of the Straiko injector with VG Patient Ready tissue.

Peeled, punched, and loaded tissues arrive free-floating inside of a Straiko-modified Jones tube. The modified Jones tube can be assembled as previously described allowing the DMEK graft to be delivered to the recipient eye without additional processing in the OR.

Staining of a DMEK graft inside of a modified Jones tube.

Staining or additional staining of DMEK grafts can be performed inside of the modified Jones tube.


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Laboratory validations

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