First Lions VisionGift Prepared DMEK Transplanted in New York

Lions VisionGift is really proud of the relationships we develop with talented surgeons from across the nation – and around the world – when they visit us to observe techniques and protocols of the newest corneal surgeries; others have spent time in fellowships with some of our partners in care, like the Devers Eye Clinic, and gone on to their own practices elsewhere.  In both cases many have maintained their affinity for Lions VisionGift prepared tissue.  This trend took another step forward when our newest Medical Director, Dr. Chris Sáles, who now practices in NY, performed two DMEK surgeries in early September 2016 utilizing Lions VisionGift prepared DMEK tissue.

Dr. Sáles reported that the procedures went perfectly and he was pleased with the blue vital dye staining LVG utilizes in our pre-cuts because it allows the surgeon to see the tissue better during the surgery, but it also highlights any cell damage that can occur during tissue recovery and processing – noting that both tissues had “nothing to see but pristine endothelial cells.

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