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About Lions VisionGift.

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The gift of sight is something that many people don't fully appreciate until they're faced with the impacts of their own failing sight, or that of their loved ones. Fortunately, sightlessness due to cornea disease or dysfunction is something which can be repaired, and that's where Lions VisionGift comes in.

Through the generosity of brave donors and their families, our organization is able to provide safe and effective cornea grafts for sight restoring surgeries throughout the state and across the nation. Since our inception in 1975, more than 25,000 individuals have received sight-restoring transplants. We are also very proud of our tradition as innovators in our industry as well as our contributions to valuable global research initiatives.

News & Events.

First LVG prepared DMEK transplanted

Lions VisionGift Represents at EBAA Annual Meeting

Lions VisionGift was honored to play host to the EBAA Annual Meeting here in Portland last month. Our staff rose above and beyond, snagging a half dozen speaking slots to pass on our insights and experiences. Read on to see just how big an impact we had.

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Dr. Miguel Rio Del Amo

Lions VisionGift Surpasses 25,000 Transplants

Lions VisionGift has been providing cornea tissue for sight-restoring surgeries since 1975. We've crossed many milestones in those years, but this most recent one is humbling. Through the end of 2013, we've supplied 25,733 corneas.

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